Our hostel is a self-service hostel with modern comforts.

The hostel doesn’t have a reception. The doors open with an unique code. Only thing you need to do is to use the door code that you got at the reservation confirmation and you are checked in. Easy right

The door code is only for the room that you have reserved and to the front door

There are seven rooms in this hostel.
Six of them are for two people and
One is for two people and there is an opportunity for two extra beds.

All the places are wheelchair accessible. In common area you can find living room with TV, two bathrooms and shower and a well equipped kitchen.

 Outside you can find several parking spaces and a balcony on the backside of the hostel.

There is a free Wifi network for residents


Here you can find our rooms in Booking.com


winter prices


    Room for 2 starting from

    1 day 100€

    2 days 160€

    3 days 220€

    1 week 400€

    Room for 4 starting from

    1 day 140€

    2 days 220€

    3 days 300€

    1 week 540

Prices are valid  only for reservations made through email or phone 

we reserve the right to make changes.

Contact Us

+358 40 158 9602


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